Needs of people who want to cycle forgotten in Football Club move

On 20th January councillors will make the big decision on whether Horsham Football Club finally gets its controversial new home. The football club has been without a proper home for years and, with help from the council, has found a site in the green gap between Horsham and Southwater. The deal will be funded by selling off football club-owned land at the Holbrook Club for housing. If passed, there will be a large ‘subsidy’ to the club because the council will waive the requirement to provide any affordable housing, freeing up the money to allow the new football ground to be developed.

Passions run very high on both sides of the argument. In amongst this, the needs of people who want to cycle have been forgotten. If the schemes go ahead,  safe, direct and attractive routes for cyclists and pedestrians need to be incorporated into the designs. It is too late once houses have been built -these opportunities will be lost forever.

The forum is lobbying councillors to get small but vital changes made so that, if the plans are passed, they include proper access to the sites for cycling and walking.

The decision will be made at the Strategic Planning Committee meeting 5.30pm, 20th January in the Council Chamber, Park North, North Street, Horsham. The Committee meeting is held in public and as the capacity of the Council Chamber is limited the proceedings will be relayed live to another venue. 

For more information please see the following documents:

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