Horsham’s Missing Link – completing the Horsham-Crawley cycle route

Map of Missing Link

Map of Missing Link

The cycle route between Horsham and Crawley potentially offers a safe and convenient route for people on bikes.

Although the route is largely complete, there is a critical gap just north of Horsham where it has to cross the Horsham bypass (A264), effectively preventing the route from being used.

It is now time to complete the route – and fix Horsham’s Missing Link!




  1. Robin Hickman says

    I have cycled between Horsham and Crawley for many years, for work and now retired to visit family. The route has improved a lot near the Crawley end but we still have this ridiculous gap! Crossing the A264 at most times is a nightmare, There are no safe crossings points between the underpass at the golf course west of Horsham and the pedestrian crossing at Gossops Green. (The Holmbush farm underpass and the Buchan footbridge are of little use to cyclists). That’s about 7 miles of fast dual carriageway. Thus no way to escape or re-enter Horsham on foot or by bike. I think I am ranting!

  2. Robert B says

    I’m in favour of both the missing link as well as a segregated track alongside the A264. Some Manor Royal businesses are struggling to attract employees due to lack of parking and congestion is a big problem in rush hour. With a normal bike or an e-bike this would offer a swift commute – probably quicker than by car or train.

    What would be the timescale for both of these to be completed?

    • Hi Robert, many thanks for your comments. There are no definite timescales as yet but WSCC have committed to delivering both the off-road route and the more direct route along the A264. The forum is pushing hard for both, and there is no technical reason why the Missing Link could not be delivered sooner rather than later (we’ve been waiting long enough!)

      If you would like to be kept up to date with our activities and campaigns please email me on info@hdcf.org.uk

  3. Is it still safe to cycle along the A264? Are there any footpaths along it?

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. The Missing Link is about enabling a safe crossing for cyclists *across* the A264. This would then complete the off-road cycle route to Crawley (designated as National Cycle Route 228).

      As you rightly say, there is also no safe cycleway *along* the A264. Providing this more direct link to Crawley is a longer term aspiration for WSCC.

      If you would like to be kept up to date with our activities and campaigns please email me on info@hdcf.org.uk

  4. Fully agree with this – the end of the route is a bit of a disgrace at the moment!

  5. dr jonathan heatley says

    yes this would be sensible and long overdue!

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