District Post report on recent forum meeting

The District Post ran an article on the 5th December forum meeting highlighting the upcoming Wheels for All event planned for 2018.

Video of Horsham’s shockingly dangerous roundabouts goes viral

The video of a cyclist being knocked off their bike on one of Horsham’s notorious roundabouts received further media coverage in the District Post. The video was taken by Horsham resident Mike Dearsley. You can view the online article here.  

Horsham Cycle Debate – District Post article

Friday 28th April 2017: District Post article on the Horsham Cycle Debate organised by the forum.

Horsham Cycle Debate – WS County Times article

Thursday 27th April 2017: West Sussex County Times article on the Horsham Cycle Debate organised by the forum.

Better streets for Horsham?

Forum member Francis Vernon wrote the following opinion piece in last week’s West Sussex County Times. The Horsham Cycle Debate takes place this Friday at 7:15pm. What do you think? Please write to ct.letters@jpress.co.uk  

Medical professionals call on Horsham and West Sussex to act on cycle routes

In an open letter to Horsham and West Sussex councils, 26 medical professionals have called for better road designs to get “massive” health benefits from more people being able to cycle. The letter was today published in the West Sussex County Times alongside an Editorial calling on the views of the medics to be taken seriously in the creation of a […]

West Sussex cycle forums protest at poor strategy – WS County Times article

Thursday 14th July 2016: West Sussex County Times article on the adoption of the new Cycling Strategy and the protest organised by West Sussex cycle forums to draw attention to its inadequacies. For further details see our report on the meeting. You can read our comments on the draft strategy here.

Businesses calling for a Horsham to Crawley cycle route

Rosemary French, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond, attended last Tuesday’s forum meeting and spoke to the Crawley Observer about the demand from businesses for a cycle route between Horsham and Crawley. You can view the article online here.  

Road safety crisis for cyclists in West Sussex – WS County Times article

Thursday 7th January 2016: West Sussex County Times reports on the road safety crisis  which has seen the number of people killed or seriously injured when riding a bike double in the last five years.

Parsonage Road cycle lane protest in the news

Following our protest at the dangerous new cycle lanes in Parsonage Road, press coverage continued over the Christmas break. There were two letters in the West Sussex County Times, one from Forum Secretary Peter Silburn. You can read the original online article here. For the full story on the Parsonage Road cycle lanes see here.