Businesses calling for a Horsham to Crawley cycle route

Rosemary French, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond, attended last Tuesday’s forum meeting and spoke to the Crawley Observer about the demand from businesses for a cycle route between Horsham and Crawley.


You can view the article online here.



  1. Toby Smallwood says

    I use the “missing link” route to cycle from Horsham to Manor Royal several days a week. Personally I wouldn’t want to use a route next to the A264, it would be noisy, unhealthy and not particularly enjoyable. For me, completion of the “missing link” would be the preferred option, my main concern like those of others is the crossing of the fast and at many times dangerous A264. Either a bridge or underpass would suffice and an improvement to the surface along Kilnwood Ridge would be good to see too.

  2. Interesting that she’s pushing for a route along the A264 rather than the “missing link” option.

    This might be less hilly and be more obvious for people to use as it will be more visible, but I fear it would mean inadequate crossing provision at busy junctions (both along the route and for joining/leaving it along the way), and a not particularly pleasant environment for cycling.

    Actually if we could have both routes that would be ideal! 🙂

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