Allowing two-way cycling in the Carfax

The following article was published today in the West Sussex County Times. Call for two-way cycle route in Horsham’s Carfax Allowing two-way, or contraflow, cycling in the Carfax has been a long-term goal of many people – not just the cycle forum. Last year, in response to the pandemic, the Government called on councils to […]

Cycle access in the Carfax – our proposals

Our proposals for cycle access in the Carfax Horsham District Council has an aim that “for Horsham residents, workers and visitors cycling and walking will be the natural choice for most short journeys”. The council also has an objective that it will “increase levels of cycling and walking for utility journeys”. (LCWIP 2020)* Making local […]

Shoreham cycle lane photowall

The Upper Shoreham Road cycle lane has sadly now been removed. Local campaign group Shoreham-By-Cycle have been tireless in their advocacy for the cycle lane, and as part of their wonderfully positive campaign have kept a photo record of some of the 30,000+ users of the lane during its brief life. A selection of these […]

Tips on how to beat the bad weather and get out on your bike

The following article was published today in the West Sussex County Times. Horsham cyclist shares tips on how to beat the bad weather and get out on your bike Can you remember breathing clean air and hearing birdsong everywhere during the first lockdown? The lack of traffic and the long days of fine weather brought […]

Albion Way cycle lane to be removed – what happens next?

The Albion Way pop-up cycle lane is going to be removed but the problems that caused it to be built in the first place haven’t gone away. We’re in the middle of a respiratory pandemic, an obesity and air pollution crisis, and the Government has called on councils to provide the infrastructure to transition away […]

Warnham shared-use path now open

The long-awaited Warnham shared-use path is now open. This provides a safe off-road route for walkers and cyclists between Bell Road and the Robin Hood roundabout via Daux Hill (the old A24). The surface is loose gravel which will quickly deteriorate and need regular repair, but for now it’s a useful route for anyone wanting […]

Emergency vehicles and pop-up cycle lanes

A common misconception about pop-up cycle lanes is that emergency vehicles will somehow be held up by them. This is simply not true. Drivers of vehicles running under blue lights can use the pop-up lanes to bypass queuing traffic. Ambulances have already been seen doing this in Horsham, something they would not have been able […]

Albion Way cycle lane draws people into Horsham

The Albion Way pop-up cycle lane has drawn people out onto their bikes and into the town. People have reported that they can now safely cycle into town, either on their own or with their children. More people are cycling along Albion Way, some for the first time in their lives. Uptake amongst schoolchildren seems […]

Pop-up cycle lane on Albion Way now open

The Albion Way pop-up cycle lane is now open. The lane runs from Sainsbury’s up to Madeira Avenue and is designed to provide safe space for people on bikes. In May the Government called on councils to “make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists and pedestrians”.  An Emergency Active […]

Our response to the Horsham LCWIP consultation

Horsham District Council recently consulted on its Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which seeks to identity a strategic local cycle network. Our response is shown below. We think it would be useful to hold a further stakeholder meeting. Summary The cycling forum welcomes the publication of the LCWIP as an ‘essential start’ to […]