Warnham shared-use path now open

The long-awaited Warnham shared-use path is now open. This provides a safe off-road route for walkers and cyclists between Bell Road and the Robin Hood roundabout via Daux Hill (the old A24).

The entrance to the path at Bell Road

The surface is loose gravel which will quickly deteriorate and need regular repair, but for now it’s a useful route for anyone wanting to cycle between Horsham and Warnham – via the A24 underpass and across the Rookwood golf course.

Looking south along the path

The wooden barriers on Daux Hill have also been removed so you no longer need to hump your bike over them!

A new bridge

At the time of writing the signage has yet to be put up.

Riders on the path

Photos: Stella Sharp, Mark Treasure


  1. Michael Dearsley says

    The path was subsequently closed to allow resurfacing with an inferior material. It appears that the original crushed limestone, which provided quite a decent surface for cycling has been dug out and replaced with a reddish type 2 material. This material has a high fines content and is mushy when wet. Is this a misguided attempt to improve the aesthetics?

  2. Great for running as well!

  3. Great news! That should go a long way to fixing one of the major ‘can’t get there from here’ situations in Horsham cycling.

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