Proposed development sites assessed for sustainability and active travel

Horsham District Council is currently reviewing its list of potential housing development sites to identify whether it has sufficient land to meet its ten-year requirement to build new homes. Developers have put forward early proposals for the largest of these sites (over 1,000 homes). Included in the list are sites on the outskirts of Billingshurst, […]

Another summer in cycling heaven

After another summer holiday spent cycling in the Netherlands (the fourth in as many years!) you might think I’d be feeling a bit jaded by now. Far from it. The more time I’ve spent there the more I’ve come to realise just how amazing – yet at the same time how utterly ordinary – the […]

New county-wide cycling design guidance announced

West Sussex County Council’s long-awaited Cycle Design Guide has finally been published. Whilst not as robust as we’d like (and it’s only guidance, not standards) this is nevertheless a welcome step forward. There is now a clear vision of what local planning authorities should expect of developers. Specifically written for West Sussex, the Guide is […]

Minutes of the HDCF AGM 1st October 2019

Attendees: Richard Bates (Cycling UK), Geoff Bragg, Ruth Fletcher (HDC, Denne), Ann Lloyd (Warnham PC), Roger Purcell (Warnham PC), Graham Sitton (Forest NC), Stella Sharp, Louise Skipton-Carter (Crawley BC), Mark Treasure, Francis Vernon (Chair) Apologies: Philip Ayerst, Mike Cockerill (NHPC), Geoff Farrell (WSCF), Peter Silburn (Secretary) Agenda Chair’s report Francis’s review of progress included many positives: […]

Minutes of HDCF meeting 6th August 2019

HDCF Meeting Minutes 6th August 2019

Minutes of HDCF meeting 4th June 2019

HDCF Meeting Minutes 4th June 2019

Christ’s Hospital bridleway saved!

Following the outcome of a public inquiry the popular bridleway at Christ’s Hospital School has been saved for future generations to enjoy. The Open Spaces Society (who led the objection) issued the following statement: The school had applied to the highway authority, West Sussex County Council, to divert the popular route across the playing field […]

Image is everything: When is a cyclist not a cyclist?

When is a cyclist not a cyclist? When they’re just a person who currently happens to be riding a bicycle. What people think of when they hear the word “cyclist” determines how they are treated, sometimes with deadly serious consequences. In the UK, the word “cyclist” conjures up images of head-down, lycra-clad young men (mostly) pedalling […]

Minutes of HDCF meeting 5th February 2019

Attendees: Philip Ayerst, Geoff Bragg, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), Eric Gimber, Michael Gimber, Louise Skipton-Carter, Francis Vernon Apologies: Richard Bates, Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Mark Treasure Agenda Sussex Growth Deal There is a Horsham Growth Deal which was signed in Nov 2018. It is a joint exercise between WSCC and HDC with LEP funding. […]

Minutes of HDCF meeting 4th December 2018

Attendees: Philip Ayerst, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), John Milne Apologies: Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Graham Sitton, Francis Vernon Agenda Approval of previous minutes Approved unamended. Matters arising Shelley rides Thea, Ron Bates and Oliver are attending a heritage funding meeting in January and setting up a Shelley Rides Facebook page. Updates Horsham LCWIP […]