World Environment Day at Amberley Museum

For World Environment Day the cycle forum had a stall at Amberley Museum where our key message was: “This machine fights climate change”.

The humble bicycle can help solve many of our problems, such as air pollution and traffic congestion, whilst you save money, keep active, beat the queues and have fun at the same time.

But this won’t happen without investing in the cycle infrastructure needed to enable ordinary people to cycle for everyday journeys.

This machine fights climate change

The Covid restrictions limited visitor numbers but the fine weather brought people out and we had lots of interesting conversations.

A common theme was how road danger prevents people, or their family, from cycling.

“I would cycle but it’s too dangerous.”

“I used to cycle but I sold my bike because the roads are too dangerous.”

Local visitors spoke of their frustration that they couldn’t cycle the short distances between villages because of the lack of safe cycle paths to ride on.

Filling in a comments card

A primary school child said that the journey to their school involves a two mile diversion to cross a busy road.

We’d brought along a bike trailer, demonstrating how it is possible to transport a week’s groceries without needing a car.

The bike trailer drew lots of interest

The lack of connectivity between bits of cycle infrastructure was highlighted by many, along with the unnecessary barriers placed on many cycle routes.

“We need a safe cycle route from Southwater to Horsham.”

“Fix the barriers on the Tesco bridge! – disgruntled of Broadbridge Heath”

Our stickers proved particularly popular with the younger visitors!

The comments board drew some useful feedback on what changes people would like to see in the district.

Our comments board drew some useful feedback

Some more photos from the event (courtesy of Peter Edgeler at Amberley Museum). We aim to be back again next year!



  1. Philip Maber says

    We in Chichester District missed an opportunity for cooperation at this Amberley Museum World Environment Day event. Must build our networking.

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