Shelley’s Birthday Bike Ride – Friday 4th August

A bike ride to commemorate the birth of Horsham-born poet Percy Bysshe Shelley will take place this Friday 4th August. Unlike the earlier event, this ride will be open to both men and women!

Someone riding a bike

The ride will start at 10:00am from the Sundial in the Forum and finish around 12:30pm.

Event organiser Thea Bredie writes:

“On Friday it will be 225 years to the day since Shelley was born at Field Place, just outside Broadbridge Heath, Warnham and Horsham.

The ride features some places and anecdotes connected to Shelley, in particular his early life in and around Warnham and Horsham.

It would be delightful to have you with us. We start at the Sundial on the Forum and finish at Warnham Nature Reserve with a short presentation. It is an easy, almost level ride, mostly off-road, along a section on the Riverside Walk, a lovely path shared by pedestrians and cyclists.

This event is not part of Cycling UK’s Women’s Festival of Cycling and you can bring along your friends/partners/children/parents, etc. All we need for any children is the parents’ signed consent.

If we already have your details we will still need a new signed form for this particular ride. Numbers are limited to 20 participants.”

First name
Tel No
Date of birth if under 18
Relationship to rider

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