Planning Sub-group Activity Summary

The HDCF Planning Sub-group make regular contributions to Planning Applications and here is a summary of recent activity.

Riverside Walk Enhancement

Neil Clarke is part of the Horsham Town Partnership Riverside Walk Enhancement Project and spoke at the West Sussex North Horsham CLC Meeting (17/12/12)  in favour of the proposals to upgrade the Redford Avenue to Guildford Rd section of the walk for cycling use.

East Street Traffic Restriction Order (TRO)

Letter to WSCC supporting their proposal to continue to allow cycling along East Street and suggesting (whether or not the proposal to permanently close the street to motorised traffic during the day goes ahead) that there should be clear signs to show that cycling is permitted and also to state ’pedestrian priority’.


Objection to planning application for a temporary footpath between Highwood and Hills Farm Lane area: a shorter, wider, safer, more legible route for both cyclists and pedestrians should be made through the Berkley Homes showroom car park area.


Objection to planning application for new houses in Bishopric because of inadequate cycle storage


Objection to planning application for access ramp from Berkley Homes Highwood development  up to new A24 junction on the grounds that further detail is needed before application is approved as there is a significant risk that leaving this to a later stage will compromise the ability to provide cycling facilities of a high enough standard.


Objection to planning application for new housing at The Firs, Guildford Rd: lack of safe access for cyclists onto Guildford Rd, lack of street permeability, lack of cycle storage. Planning application has been refused.