Minutes of the Steering Group meeting 7th September 2015

Attendees: Phillip Ayerst, Val Court (Nuthurst PC), Ruth Fletcher (HDCF), Steve Gledhill, Pam Goodall, Peter Silburn (HDCF), Graham Sitton (Forest NC), Francis Vernon (HDCF), Ron Vimpany, Katherine Webbe

Apologies: Jane Apostolou (Riverside Walk Team), Andrew Cooke (Horsham Blueprint), Geoff Farrell (WSCF)

LSTF east-west cycle route

The route fails to deliver even a complete cycle route, and what little has been done has been done poorly. The main changes are two contraflows (which are welcome), dropped kerbs, repositioned barriers and many, often superfluous, signs.

Ruth and Peter rode the route and are producing a report to circulate to the CLC prior to their meeting on 21st September. It will be good to get as many people as possible to attend the CLC meeting at 7pm on Monday 21st Sept at County Hall North (Parkside). An invite will be sent to the mailing list once we have an agenda.

Ruth, Peter

“Ride the route” Saturday 3rd October
To raise awareness of the issues a “Ride the route” is planned for 2pm on Saturday 3rd October. Meet at Forest School. We will ride the entire route fairly slowly stopping off regularly to inspect what has been done. This will be a family-friendly ride (cargo bike, trailers, kids bikes etc.). We could invite the police as well as councillors who have stated they are pro-cycling  Invite/publicity to be sent out nearer the time. Make a note in your diary!


Open letter

A draft letter was reviewed. The emphasis should be on getting HDC to endorse/debate the issue. Parish and Neighbourhood councils can be approached to sign but individual district/county councillors may be reluctant or unable to sign even when they support us because of council protocol.

This project is currently paused due to the lack of anyone to run it. If you would like to take this up please get in touch!

Residents survey
It would be useful to see the results of the recent residents survey which included questions on the LSTF route. Pam to raise this at the “Talk to us” session at the CLC meeting?


Planning applications

Phillip Ayerst has offered to review the planning applications for any impact on cycling. Peter to forward the emails received from HDC.

Phillip, Peter

Cycle parking

The guidance document is now on the website:

Andy Mouland is investigating installing cycle parking under the covered area outside the front of Parkside.

Cycle parking at Pavillions in the Park has been reduced since the installation of air conditioning units in the cycle parking area. Phillip Ayerst will raise this with HDC and Places for People.


Feedback on HDC’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Despite the very short notice the forum submitted a detailed response. This can be viewed on the website:

If you have any comments, criticisms or further suggestions for routes etc. please let us know on info@hdcf.org.uk.

Riverside Walk link
Francis Vernon has been in contact with Andrew Baldwin concerning a possible link route between Dutchells Copse and the Riverside Walk. The path needs to be sufficiently wide (in line with the latest Sustrans guidance) since the path is both on a slope and a bend. Francis will follow this up with Andrew Baldwin and Jane Apostolou.


Cycling Task & Finish Group

This was set up to provide a way of accessing funds for cycling projects by producing a list of schemes suggested by cycle forums which are then “scored” by consultants to come up with a shortlist.

The group met in July but there are no minutes available. There is another meeting planned later for October. The group is expected to report by February 2016.

North of Horsham

Ruth and Peter will attend the “Movement” Reference Group on Thursday 10th September.

Ruth, Peter

Mannings Heath cycle route

This is included in the Nuthurst Neighbourhood Plan. The most likely route would follow the footpath on the southern side of the A281. Peter has ridden the route and is producing a report. Main issues are the narrow width of the path and the closeness to fast moving traffic. Various options were discussed including an alternative/additional route further north via Hampers Lane.

Improving the footway to achieve the maximum width within the current highway boundary will make it safer for informal cycling but will still be far from meeting minimum guidance to be recognised as an official cycle route. Ideally there would be a cycle path alongside the road, in places on the far side of the hedgerow, but land ownership and funding issues mean there is no immediate prospect of this. A further reduction in the speed limit and a ban on HGVs (by diverting them at Cowfold) would improve conditions. It may be useful for the parish to discuss this further with Blueprint.

Peter, Val

Southwater cycle route

No update.


(not discussed due to lack of time) Chris Rochester emailed his concerns about the new emergency telephone signs placed on the posts by the level crossing in Parsonage Road. These intrude onto the narrow cycle path. We will investigate.

Date of next meeting

7:30pm on Tuesday 6th October in the Parham Room, County Hall North, WSCC, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham.

This will be our AGM (voting in of officers).

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