Minutes of the HDCF meeting 3rd April 2018

Attendees: Philip Ayerst, Richard Bates, Geoff Bragg, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), Cllr Morwen Millson (Horsham Riverside), Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Graham Sitton (FNC), Mark Treasure

Apologies: Greg Collins, Derek Hardman, Martin Read, Francis Vernon


Approval of previous minutes

Approved unamended.

Matters arising

Cycling in Horsham – a newcomer’s perspective

Ben Peterson’s thoughts on cycling in Horsham can be read here.

Cancellation of May event

The event on 20th May has had to be cancelled due to lack of time to do it properly. Geoff and Ruth will attend the Wheels for All event earlier in the day.

Kilnwood Vale bridleway

The section of bridleway to the east of Kilnwood Vale (BW1550) will be resurfaced this summer (any time between May and September).

The work involves surfacing the section from the staggered barriers (by the exit from Kilnwood Vale) up to the playground. The surfacing will be similar to the Worth Way (up to 2m width, large stone base for drainage with a finer top layer). The vegetation will be cut right back to the ditch and the staggered barriers will be removed. The worst section will then be accessible all year round. We would  to thank Sue De Chemin (WS PROW) for her work on this.

Peter to post an article on the website and publicise.


NPPF review

Philip has produced a draft submission for review. Peter to send in.


North of Horsham/Missing Link latest

Ruth and Philip met with Chris Lyons, Claire Vickers and Andrew Baldwin. HDC will contact Liberty to see if the Missing Link can be done early. HDC acknowledge that there is no technical reason not to do it.

Indications from WSCC are that the Horsham to Crawley cycle route (along the A264) scores highly under the Cycle Strategy and a feasibility study (approx. cost £20-30,000) is on the cards. Local groups (NHPC, Horsham Society, Crawley BC) are supportive.

Morwen will advise on putting the Missing Link forward to the CLC as a Community Scheme. Morwen also discussed the possibility of putting forward a Notice of Motion on cycling at WS council.

Christs Hospital bridleway diversion

The public inquiry is being held on the 24th July. The forum will be attending. Further details our on our website.

Ruth to finalise our statement of case.


Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for cycling/LCWIP

We need one that covers cycling requirements in Horsham. The core problem remains that, despite winning a bid for government support to assist, HDC are not committing their own resource to do this.

The view of the meeting was that WSCC and HDC are held back because there is no one who is specifically responsible for delivering high quality cycle infrastructure – as, for example, with Andrew Gilligan in London. The cost of employing someone would be paid back by more efficient delivery and pulling in additional funding.

Horsham town centre contraflows

Morwen and Cllr Nigel Dennis met Peter Bradley (WS Highways) to discuss the scheme. West Parade and Park Terrace East are least problematic. Barrington Road, despite the evidence of low flows, low speeds, sufficient passing places and low risk, is still being considered as difficult. Ruth has spoken to a resident who felt the scheme was safe and beneficial for residents who cycle both ways along the road.

A contraflow along West Parade is seen as straightforward and WSCC believe they will be able to include a toucan crossing at the junction, avoiding the need for cyclists to dismount when they reach North Parade. The Carfax scheme is considered more challenging but the steering group is unanimous in its view that this is essential to the success of the scheme as a whole. As an interim stage, 2-way cycling can be implemented with minimal changes, but it is necessary for it to be included as part of the design criteria for future resurfacing works.

Graham has spoken to two dozen local residents about the schemes and received very enthusiastic responses to the improvements for cycling.

WSSC will hold a stakeholder consultation in May [Update, now June]. The Parish and District council – as well as the forum – will be invited.

Morwen and Cllr Kate O’Kelly are in discussion with Andy Ekinsmyth and Andy Mouland about strengthening WSCC’s cycling policy.

Two-way cycling through Piries Place is also under threat. We will sketch up a proposal. Philip to follow up.

Morwen/Steering group

A264 Kilnwood Vale bridleway

The diverted bridleway for the new Pegasus crossing is currently under construction. Due to the involvement of local cyclist Rob Stanway the developers Crest Nicholson have agreed to provide a gravel surface rather than the grass surface originally intended.

We have contacted WSCC and highlighted the need for a tarmac surface to meet IAN195/16 (the path is on Highways land beside a major road) and because a gravel path will not be usable for the road bikes common on this stretch of the A264 which has no hard shoulder.

Horsham tourism/visitor economy

Ruth and Thea continue to attend the Visitor Economy Partnership meetings. The participants are enthusiastic about the idea of improving the cycle network (especially the Downs Link and associated feeder routes) which will benefit local rural businesses by attracting more visitors and tourists to experience the area by bike.

WSCC’s Beautiful Outdoors project has now widened into Experience West Sussex which covers the whole county and includes cycling. Jess Winkworth from WSCC said that the Product Development Group would consider opportunities to invest in improving the cycle network to bring in more visitors.

Ruth to contact Jess and other participants and keep the Downs Link Action Group updated.


Better cycle design standards for Horsham

Discussion deferred to the next meeting.

A21 cycle improvements

The forum noted the Highways England proposed cycle improvements on the A21 between Tonbridge and Hastings and has passed on comments to the Tunbridge Wells Bicycle User Group.

Increasing public engagement

Discussion deferred to the next meeting.


Crawley Cycle Network Review

Richard reported that this has now been completed – this is likely to be useful for Horsham as it moves towards its own LCWIP. [Update: the review is still in draft – Kay Wagland will let us know when it’s available for circulation.]

Invite to new Chief Executive

HDC is appointing a new CEO [Glen Chipp]. Francis to write to welcome him and offer to meet.


Christ’s Hospital Missing Link

We have become aware that the work originally scheduled for completion this year has been paused. Ruth to ask Andy Mouland/Jon Perks for an update.


Trig Street – letter of support

We have been asked by Mole Valley Cycle Forum to support a local scheme to upgrade an existing footpath to a bridleway and widen and improve the surfacing on Trig Street between Newdigate and Beare Green. This would open up a route from Newdigate to the Dorking Southbound cycle route along the A24 that runs to Beare Green and on to Horsham. It also provides an alternative route between Horsham and Dorking via Rusper.

The forum unanimously supported the proposal. Peter to send a letter of support on behalf of the forum.


Date of next meeting

7:30pm on Tuesday 5th June in the Bodiam Room, County Hall North, WSCC, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham.

Please enter by the side entrance. Cycle parking is available.


  1. Matthew Trenholme says

    As a resident of West Parade I would have thought I may have an opinion on cycle contraflows in a one way street that has significant areas of only 2.5m width with a path on one side of the street in many places. I haven’t mentioned the speed that vehicles travel and also the HGVS, that are using the residential street to access other places in the Trafalgar area. Those that can’t get through reverse back onto North Parade and this is a flavour of the issues. I am only but a resident and why would I be asked for a opinion?

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