Minutes of the HDCF AGM 1st October 2019


Richard Bates (Cycling UK), Geoff Bragg, Ruth Fletcher (HDC, Denne), Ann Lloyd (Warnham PC), Roger Purcell (Warnham PC), Graham Sitton (Forest NC), Stella Sharp, Louise Skipton-Carter (Crawley BC), Mark Treasure, Francis Vernon (Chair)

Apologies: Philip Ayerst, Mike Cockerill (NHPC), Geoff Farrell (WSCF), Peter Silburn (Secretary)


Chair’s report

Francis’s review of progress included many positives:

  • Cycle-friendly councillors elected (including former chair Ruth Fletcher)
  • Developers wanting to talk to us about developments and cycling requirements
  • WSCC engaging with us on new schemes
  • New county-wide Cycling Design Guide for new developments
  • LCWIP stakeholder meetings
  • Some progress on schemes, e.g. contraflow on Park Terrace East, cycle parking at Chesworth Farm, Holbrook Club site with walking and cycling access, Christ’s Hospital missing link and resurfacing of the Downs Link
  • New Facebook page: purpose – to reach out to people who aren’t cycling already (and might want to)
  • Potential route to Warnham (with an adjusted path to Bell Road)
  • The bridleway around Christ’s Hospital has been saved

Election of officers

Chair – Francis re-elected, seconded by Ruth.
Secretary – Peter Silburn re-elected. Although he has moved to Kent, Peter happy to stand again. Runs our website and our Twitter feed. Nominated by Francis. (Succession planning has been mentioned).

Steering group – all current members happy to continue. (Potential to include members from other settlements in Horsham District, now Thea is in Steyning).


The first stakeholder meeting was two weeks ago. All the District councillors in Horsham invited, along with North Horsham Parish Council and the three neighbourhood councils. However, there were no Warnham or Nuthurst invites.

Concern about lack of engagement (particularly with Warnham, but also with the public in general).

Horsham town centre contraflows

One successfully implemented so far – Park Terrace East. No news on any other schemes thus far.

New county-wide design guidance

Aimed primary at new developments (but not entirely).

Finally sets standards to which WSCC should adhere when building for cycling. Pretty good overall, although weak in places.

Warnham cycle route

Funds may be available from WSCC for implementation in 2020.

Forum view is that path should be a proper sealed surface. Cost of approx. £200-300k per km.

Some slight confusion however about what kind of surface is being proposed. ‘All weather’ doesn’t necessarily mean asphalt (could be gravel or crushed stone). ‘Sealed surface’ is asphalt.

North of Horsham cycling strategy

There is one now, but the Forum view is that it’s not particularly good. However, it’s now out for public consultation on the planning portal (DC/16/1677). Hopefully it can be refined.

The bridge over the A264 is a major issue, with local concern about a safe crossing from Horsham to the new school before the development goes ahead.

Forum view is that surface level crossings on the A264 (toucans etc.) are very unlikely to be genuinely safe given the speed and volume of motor traffic on the road.


a ) Horsham Local Plan Strategic Sites Review

We’ve discussed pros and cons as a Forum, and produced our findings. Ruth and other councillors have toured the sites are being asked to provide similar views.

Discussion of pros and cons of the various sites. This is a good time to put in our comments (to Clare Vickers).

b) Novartis development

Application deferred on a technicality. An HDC member briefing next week, with a site meeting on Monday. Going to full council on 16th October. Ruth’s idea is to make Wimblehurst Road one-way northbound. Apparently WSCC are now producing some kind of traffic model for Horsham (District?).

We’d like to produce a plan changing traffic movements.

c) Comptons Lane

Waiting to hear back.

d) GTR Passenger Benefit Fund

Waiting to hear back – Francis to chase them up.

Date of next meeting

7:30pm on Tuesday 3rd December in the Bodiam Room at County Hall North, WSCC, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham.

Please enter by the side entrance. Covered cycle parking is available.

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