Minutes of HDCF meeting 4th December 2018


Philip Ayerst, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), John Milne

Apologies: Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Graham Sitton, Francis Vernon


Approval of previous minutes

Approved unamended.

Matters arising

Shelley rides

Thea, Ron Bates and Oliver are attending a heritage funding meeting in January and setting up a Shelley Rides Facebook page.


Horsham LCWIP

No further progress reported by HDC.

Novartis development

John explained his vision of how the development of the Novartis site is a one-off opportunity to create an off-road Horsham Cycle Expressway south towards the town centre and north to Littlehaven. This would have benefits to the development but also much greater overall benefit to the town. The route could exit the site via an underpass across the railway, go across/round the Collyers site and into Horsham park via the fire station passage. Going north from Novartis, the route could use land alongside the railway, pass behind Littlehaven station and then go via Bartholemew Way to the new north of Horsham site. The major attraction of this route is that it is direct and traffic-free. It could be an iconic feature for Horsham with a strong ‘brand identity’ and green credentials increasing the reputation of the town as an attractive and liveable location. The deliverability issues are firstly that WSCC has so far resisted calls for a bridge/underpass from the Novartis site and secondly that the northern section would rely on using Network Rail land.

John to ask for access to look at the internal WSCC Highways map to assess widths and land ownership.
Mark to consider whether there are any precedents for use of Network Rail land.

Christs Hospital Missing Link

We have submitted our comments and suggestions to the school but have not heard back from them or from WSCC.

North of Horsham

No further news. The next Parish Council Liaison meeting due on 11th Jan [since changed to 14th February].

Horsham Town Centre Contraflows

Philip wrote to Peter Bradley expressing concern and frustration at the delay and at not being invited to the additional consultations which were held after agreement had apparently been reached.

Christs Hospital public enquiry

Claire Vickers has offered to meet us in the New Year to discuss improvements to the bridleway after we know whether the school has challenged the Inspector’s decisions not to permit it to be closed.

The Warnham path diversion has been approved so the new bridleway route between the A24 underpass and Warnham village will now go ahead.

Action: Thea to follow up with Roger Purcell.

Bell Road junction redesign

Mark contacted Roger Purcell: his view was that cycling improvements had not been considered for inclusion in the works as not many people cross at this location. It is unrealistic to expect any changes now the work has been carried out, but this is an example of how highways works are not meeting IAN195/16 or considering how to prioritise sustainable transport or the needs of cyclists – even at a location where major development (north of Horsham) will substantially increase potential cycle use.

Downs Link improvements

Ruth and Peter are due to meet with WSCF and WSCC to discuss this on 13th December.



Thea to find out when the next RSAG meeting is due.

Hop Oast roundabout

Mark highlighted new cycle ‘gate’ onto the new left-turn only lane at the Hop Oast roundabout. This is not only a pointless design, but if a cyclist tried to use it, it would increase the danger of being hit from behind by a car.

Bee A Champion

Ruth to circulate Brian Deegan’s training notes for the Manchester Beelines cycle champions.

Date of next meeting

7:30pm on Tuesday 5th February in the Lewes Room, County Hall North, WSCC, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham.

Please enter by the side entrance. Covered cycle parking is available.

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