Minutes of HDCF meeting 14th August 2018

Attendees: Richard Bates (WSCF), Geoff Bragg, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), Deborah Rees + Sam and Mark (West Parade), Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Graham Sitton (FNC), Louise Skipton-Carter (Crawley BC), Francis Vernon

Apologies: Philip Ayerst


We were pleased to welcome Deborah Rees along with Sam and Mark representing the West Parade residents. We were also pleased to welcome Louise Skipton-Carter (formerly of Sustrans) who is now working for Crawley Borough Council as a Project Manager for the Crawley Growth Fund.

Approval of previous minutes

The draft minutes were reviewed and passed.

Matters arising

Kilnwood Vale A264 cycle path

The bridleway alongside the A264 appears to be complete (albeit not a sealed all-weather surface). The gap in the fencing (to allow access along the path) has been widened to approx. 1.3m. WSCC have promised a further review but it is unclear whether this involves further work. Peter to follow up. This path has been improved due to pressure from local cyclists and the forum (with the help of developer Crest Nicholson and WSCC), producing a better for result everyone.

Letter to new HDC Chief Exec

Ruth to action.

North of Horsham/Missing Link/LCWIP latest

The North of Horsham Development Parish Liaison Meeting scheduled for 22nd August was cancelled. The new meeting will take place on 2nd September. Ruth will attend. [update: rescheduled meeting also now cancelled]

Horsham town centre contraflows workshop report

A workshop was held on the 26th June and was felt to be a positive meeting where concerns (mostly minor) were raised and addressed. We were therefore surprised to learn that further meetings are planned with each of the neighbourhood councils and are concerned that the consensus reached at this meeting may be jeopardised. Peter to liaise with Peter Bradley.

Residents from West Parade were disappointed that they had not been consulted (either by WSCC or Trafalgar NC) and only formally informed via the Lib Dem Focus newsletter. They had canvassed all the residents, had two residents meetings and had carried out traffic surveys.

They raised their concerns about potential conflicts at the entry and exit points at each end of the road and visibility for residents exiting their properties of passing cycle traffic. Major issues were HGV traffic turning in and getting stuck, and rat-running by cars. We discussed these concerns in detail which was felt by all to be positive. We explained how cycle contraflows worked elsewhere and are managed successfully, and how Government guidance supports them.

There was agreement that traffic calming measures (20mph sped limits, build-outs at the eastern end) would benefit everyone, including cyclists. Build-outs should incorporate a path for cyclists. The contraflow should be indicated by cycle symbols and arrows on the road. [Deborah sent her notes after the meeting which have been forwarded to Peter Bradley.]

Regarding the Piries Place contraflow Philip will chase this up with Jason Hawkes.

Christs Hospital public inquiry update

The public inquiry took place on 24th July. We are now awaiting the verdict of the inspector. The forum extends a vote of thanks to Ruth and Paul Brown of the Open Spaces Society for their dedication and hard work on this.

Christ’s Hospital Missing Link: Ruth will follow up with Francis Pulvermacher about a site trip to look at the potential route.

Waltham Forest Mini-Holland visit report

Mark, Peter and Ruth (along with Clive Andrews from the newly-formed ShorehamByCycle group) were invited on a tour of the changes brought about by the Mini-Holland scheme. We are extremely grateful to our tour leaders Paul Gasson and Dan Kelly for giving us such an excellent experience. The take-home message was that although this was a cycling scheme to be successful it must create a pleasanter place for everybody. There is a full report on our website.

Warnham to Horsham route development

The cycle route to Warnham is now in the local plan and a decision will be made soon. The Warnham exit will now be onto Bell Road.

Road Safety Action Group/Safe Pass latest

Ruth and Thea met with the new RSAG leader Rob Baker-Johnson.

Ruth and Stella met with Juliet Parker the new Roads Policing officer. It was a constructive meeting. She understands the need for better infrastructure to make cycling safer and expressed an interest in expanding the Safe Pass initiative throughout Sussex and Surrey.

Downs Link/Horsham tourism

No update on the Downs Link Action Group. Peter to raise with Geoff Farrell.

Shelley rides: Thea reported that the feedback from participants was that there are hundreds of people who would like to cycle but are too scared to because of the road conditions. The next ride on 7th September will be the first to use the longer route to Warnham.

STIP infrastructure schemes

Ruth has submitted our response. The three “big ticket” items are: Horsham to Crawley cycle route, improving the Downs Link and a route from Horsham to Southwater.

Potential Lidl development

Philip has submitted our response, calling for improved cycle access and better cycle parking as well as potential improvements to the Kings Road roundabout.

Cycle network planning/”tube map”

Peter in currently working on a draft map.

Engagement with WSCC/WSCF

There was a wide agreement within the forum that keeping the WSCF going as an active discussion and meeting group was crucial to the success of the cycle strategy and improving cycling infrastructure in the county generally. The logistics of organizing county-wide meetings and getting representatives from district forums to attend was discussed. Possibly quarterly meetings? Using Skype?

Peter to discuss with Geoff Farrell. [update: meeting now scheduled for 27th September in Horsham]


Adopting new cycle standards based on Oxfordshire

Louise reported that WSCC were planning to base new local standards on the Oxfordshire standards and hoped that some of the Crawley schemes would be exemplars for West Sussex.

Novartis Community Event

We were not invited to the consultation on the development of the old Novartis site. Philip will send a written response on behalf of the forum stressing the need for a new bridge over the railway to give access to Hurst Road, improvements to the Parsonage Road cycle lanes and comprehensive cycle routes through and across the site.

Kings Road cycle lane

Stella noticed that sprayed cycle symbols on the kerbs have appeared marking where the old cycle lane on the southbound side was (in preparation for resurfacing). However, we have been promised that when the road is resurfaced the cycle lane will be switched to a (wider) cycle lane on the northbound side. Peter to raise with Andy Mouland. [update: Andy Mouland has confirmed that the cycle lane will be 1.2m wide and will be on the northbound carriageway.]

Date of next meeting

7:30pm on Tuesday 2nd October in the Bodiam Room, County Hall North, WSCC, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham. This will be our AGM.

Please enter by the side entrance. Cycle parking is available.

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