Letter to Jeremy Quin, Horsham’s new MP

We’re written to Horsham’s new MP Jeremy Quin about the urgent need for action on the lack of safe pedestrian and cycle crossings for the North of Horsham development.



The constituency now needs you to take urgent action on the roads for North of Horsham. Although I am writing on behalf of all the people who would like to cycle, this affects everyone.

The plans for North of Horsham have slipped though without any proper scrutiny. The North Horsham CLC, chaired by Brad Watson unanimously expressed its concern. District councillors were unaware of the details of these developer-led plans and, in particular, the flawed transport studies.

The transport plans for North of Horsham need urgent review. To make the new A264 junctions safe and fit for the future, we need pedestrian and cycle underpasses to link the communities. We need better long term planning to manage traffic flows along and across the bypass and within the town.

This all needs to be done before the flawed existing plans are set in stone by the Planning Examination and CIL/Section 106 settlements.

We saw the influence of Nick Herbert and Nicholas Soames on the plans for their areas. Now Horsham needs a strong voice.

Kind Regards

Ruth Fletcher

Horsham District Cycling Forum – working to make cycling a safe, convenient and attractive option for all

Jeremy Quin sent us the following reply:

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your congratulations.

My priority is to serve as an effective constituency MP and as you mention I have some great neighbours from whom to learn.

This week I will be setting up an office etc but I will be following up with Brad Watson and I know that you and I will be liaising in the weeks ahead on the wide gamut of cycling related issues in the area.

Yours sincerely,

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