Letter from Copenhagen: “Cycling here is normal”

Greg Collins, former Secretary of the Cycle Forum, sent us this report from the Danish capital:

“Doing my cycle commuting Monday to Thursday in Copenhagen. Quite a different experience compared to Horsham, Haywards Heath and the roads in between. Cycling here is normal. You do it in normal clothes to go to normal places and to do normal things.

I am struck, when home on Fridays, and at the weekends, that a 9km ride in from the suburbs of a capital city, via a major industrial area, into the city centre, at peak time, is more relaxing, and easier and safer to undertake by bike than the 1.5km from my house [in Horsham] to the new Waitrose. A situation that can only be described as utterly ridiculous.”

People doing normal things in normal clothes

People doing normal things in normal clothes

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