Jeremy Quin joins chorus of support for protected cycle lanes on Albion Way

Horsham’s MP Jeremy Quin has come out in support of the proposed cycle lanes on Albion Way. In a letter to the cycle forum he said: “I am very keen to see cycling encouraged among local residents and for cycle lanes to be as safe and easy to use as possible.”

In addition, Jeremy said: “I have written to both Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council to find out if there is anything I can do to support the cycle lane on Albion Way and whether this could become a permanent fixture.”

Horsham’s MP Jeremy Quin in Southwater

The lanes are initially proposed to run from Worthing Road to Springfield Road but we are hopeful that they will be extended to Madeira Avenue and potentially all the way to East Street.

You can read more details here.

Support for the cycle lanes continues to grow – despite them not even being installed yet!

Horsham resident Nick Bailey says: “I support the new pop-up cycle route that is proposed in Horsham. I do hope it is the first of a network of separate cycle lanes that cover the town.”

South East Climate Alliance (SECA) say: “We were very pleased to learn of the plans for a new cycle lane from Springfield Rd to Worthing Rd. This should increase the proportion of shoppers at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s who feel confident to shop without using cars.”

Pop-up cycle lane in Reigate (pic: @MarkJCallaghan)

Horsham Councillor Ruth Fletcher welcomes the pop-up cycle lanes on Albion Way and says: “Although ours is only a small scheme, it is important because the government has said it will make much bigger sums available to those councils which deliver successful first projects.”

The local Green Party have called this “a good start” that needs to be extended to bring further benefits: “We believe that an opportunity is being lost if the scheme does not link up to other cycle and walking routes near the proposed scheme.”

XR Horsham “love the idea” of the pop-up cycle lanes on Albion Way: “They will improve the local environment and be healthier for the users. We would support any future extension towards East Street. Ideas like these pop-up cycle lanes, are the ideas that our future needs.”

Pop-up cycle lane in Reigate (pic: @MarkJCallaghan)

Sussex Green Living say: “We are delighted to hear a pop-up cycling lane is being installed in Albion Way. We must try and find something positive to come out of the current health and economic crisis and what better way than to address the climate crisis with sustainable and safe transport!”

Horsham Councillor Mike Croker says: “The Albion Way scheme will open eyes as to how precious urban space can be re-purposed to the benefit of all. Use it, or lose it!”


  1. Now the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Cyclists are a tiny minority and people going to the town centre need to carry shopping and often children. Horsham has a large number of elderly people who retain their independence with motoring, not cycling. People do not want to cycle in the cold and the rain. So closing one lane of two for a few cyclists is very foolish. Indeed anything supported by the Greens and XR is going to be stupid by definition, these are extremists who do not represent the majority. The majority will be stuck in traffic jams until this absurd obstructions are removed, no doubt, in due course.

  2. Mrs L McGilligan says

    Great news but perhaps Sainsbury’s and Waitrose will need extra secure bike parking?

    • The entite town needs secure bike parking far more than it needs any bike lane. I will NEVER cycle to town just have my £1000 e-bike stolen thank you very much.

      Taking half the road-space away is criminally insane. Just for 1 person in every 200 perhaps. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

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