Horsham Town Centre Vision – our full response

HDCF have submitted a full response to the Town Vision. In summary, the Cycle Forum object to the Vision because it offers nothing for cycling nor meaningful improvements. The document lacks the depth or vision to see how Horsham should travel and live. It is essentially a list of development sites.

Horsham cyclists

The Vision should have been an interesting, challenging and ambitious approach to how to develop Horsham and the town centre, how to reach it by cycle, how to build a network of cycle routes, how to cross the dual carriageways to reach the centre, how to reach the shops, how to get around and what the future holds for the town and its residents. The document hints at possible cycle improvements, but is devoid of any vision for cycling. Instead the car is regarded as the only credible means of transport into Horsham.

You can read the full submission here.

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