Horsham Cycling Summit – 9th July 2015

The Horsham Cycling Summit will take place on Thursday 9th July at 7:30pm in the WSCC offices, County Hall North, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1XH.

Towns and cities across the UK are beginning to reap the economic, health and social benefits that come when more people choose to cycle as everyday transport.

Horsham should be an ideal place to ride a bike, but too many fast and busy roads with no space for cycling mean cycling is just not an option for most people.

Recent developments in national policy now make it easier for local authorities to make roads safer and more attractive for cycling using designs with a proven track record in the UK and abroad.

For the Cycling Summit we’ll be bringing together councillors, officers, local people and a panel of independent experts to look at the benefits that more cycling can bring to our whole community.

Using the assembled knowledge and skills we’ll be exploring ways to make these changes happen in Horsham.

Speakers will include Mark Strong, a transport consultant with a wealth of experience in implementing cycle schemes on the ground, most notably in Brighton, and Dr Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer in Transport at the University of Westminster and one of the UK’s leading cycling experts. There will be an opportunity for a round table discussion of local issues.

Please advise if you will be attending on: info@hdcf.org.uk

Publicise the Summit! Download our flyer here.


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