Horsham and Littlehaven Station improvements

The West Sussex County Council Long-term Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) has allocated money for improvements to Horsham Station and Littlehaven Station as follows. See also Funding for New Cycle Route through Horsham for details of a planned east-to-west cycle route which is part of this initiative as well.

HR2 Horsham Station Interchange

Located to the north of the town centre Horsham station has benefited from recent improvements under NSIP funded by Network Rail.  This has included a new forecourt area immediately outside the station; however this has not fully addressed the issues at Horsham to create an integrated transport interchange.

  • Wayfinding for pedestrians from the station to the town centre via North Street, improve any crossing points
  • Expansion of cycle parking facilities (HR3) at Horsham and Littlehaven rail stations to encourage growth of cycle trips and meet expected demand for safe and secure cycle parking.
  • Public Transport Interchange – building on the recent work to widen the bus stop island – additional RTI screens, pedestrian movements, review of operation, waiting facilities in the drop off area (could include a canopy – would need some discussion with HDC regarding listed building consent)
  • North Street Roundabout & Crossing – pedestrian crossing points, upgrade of existing toucan crossing, widen island between bus interchange and road, amendments to cycle route

Scheme Budgets – forecourt £195,000, cycle parking £35,000


  1. m a king (mr) says

    I could go on but I feel you will not respond

  2. m a king (mr) says

    I would just like to say what Hell its been since you started work here
    I have now had 2 fences broken and still in need of repair
    the tarmac outside of my house has been raised by trucks to heavy to be welcomed in a residential area
    has anyone even considered us (the residedents
    I live at No 48 an have had prolonged abuse from heavy haulage trucks down to where do I park my car cos railway guys have nicked all the places
    I have never cried before as I apprecicate work must happen but this has now got beyond my scales
    please send an official to sort out these probs

    • This is Clive Walker on behalf of Horsham and District Cycling Forum. Sorry to hear about the problems you have faced. However, you’ve come to the wrong place and you will need to contact Network Rail because the work is their responsibility. The Horsham and District Cycling Forum is for promoting cycling in Horsham and District and we don’t have any direct influence over the work that is carried out by Network Rail.

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