HDCF Routes Sub-group May Meeting


This meeting took place before website was created and the minutes were added to the website afterwards.

  • Venue: Dog & Bacon pub
  • Present: Clive Walker, Daniel Mahoney, Peter Silburn (Notes)
  • Apologies: Greg Collins

Core issues

Main routes across the town: It was decided that the best way to record the journeys is using Google Maps. We need to experiment with how best to combine maps from different people onto one map.

We will need a website to publish this and other information. Clive offered to design and host a simple website. Peter will investigate a suitable domain name (and check with Greg).

Having recorded the state of the routes as they currently stand we will then add suggestions for how the routes could be improved for cyclists based on our local knowledge.

We agreed to meet in a month’s time to discuss further.

Other matters

Route map: A realistic route map (using Google Maps) showing usable routes such as cut-throughs could be added to the website.


  • Clive/Peter – investigate how best to coordinate input into Google Maps.
  • Clive – look into setting up a website.
  • Peter – investigate registering a suitable domain name.
  • All – continue to record existing routes into the town (using Google Maps) and suggest improvements.

Reminder of assigned routes:

  • Daniel – NE access to the centre via New Street
  • Clive – NW access to the centre via Wimblehurst Road
  • Greg – Eastern approach to the town along Brighton Road/Queen Street
  • Peter – Western approach to the town along Guildford Road/Bishopric