HDCF Committee January Meeting

  • Date: 8th Jan 2013
  • Present: Neil, Ruth, Clive, Francis
  • Apologies: Greg

1. The website

Good start made on this by Clive. More needed in terms of news/key documents/what the HDCF are doing etc.

Ideas/actions agreed:

  • Clive to add the existing documents into a new documents section
  • Francis/Ruth to add further documents
  • LSTF info to be added – Neil to write
  • Beech Road consultation response – Ruth to write
  • Pavilions cycle stands – Neil to write
  • CLC meeting from December – Ruth to write notes
  • HDC Strategic Plan: add something when it is announced
  • Anyone have good photos to add? Eg ordinary people riding around Horsham
  • Add meeting notes

2. West of Horsham development

Discussed meeting with Paul Addison of WSCC – some positive info (eg the  bridge over the A24), but little evidence of any coherent plan for cycling across the whole development, and significant problems in key places (the new A24 junction & the new dual carriageway).

Action: Ruth/Francis to put together a proposed response.

3. LSTF money for Horsham

Looked at recent documents – plenty of detailed ideas, but not clear whether these are definite plans or just ideas. Some of the timelines show consultation happening now for some items.


  • Agreed Greg should continue to lead on this for HDCF
  • Greg to update the group on current position
  • Neil to contact Nick Farthing at Sustrans again (no answer before Christmas).

4. Ideas for ‘selling cycling’ within Horsham

    1. Design an ‘introductory tour’ to show cycling good/bad points in the town, then ask relevant officers/councillors to ride it with us.
      Action: Francis/Ruth to discuss.
    2. County Council elections take place in May: can we use that as a ‘lever’ to get candidates to address cycling?
      Post meeting note: West Sussex Cycle Forum have an agenda item re a cycling manifesto for the election at their next meeting.
    3. Drop in surgery with councillor Helena Croft 24th Jan: she’s asking for ideas on how the ‘Horsham experience’ can be improved. Should anyone go to that? What message would we give?
      Action: Lois McGilligan has volunteered for this

5. HDCF secretary

Greg is wanting to step down as secretary some time soon. Nominations?

6. Next meeting: Tues 5th Feb 2013

One agenda item will be the next CLC meeting which is in March.


    • Meet at County Hall North? Neil to contact Greg Merrett re booking a room.
    • Clive to invite the Routes Group people (Daniel & Peter)