Fate of popular Christ’s Hospital bridleway to be settled at inquiry

The fate of a popular bridleway at Christ’s Hospital School will be decided by a Public Inquiry. The bridleway crosses extensive school playing fields and is enjoyed by the public on foot, bike and horseback.

Objectors are hoping to stop West Sussex County Council diverting the bridleway to the southern perimeter of the sports pitches. The existing way is mainly a sealed path, shared with the school, which provides a convenient off-road link to Christs Hospital Railway Station.

Riding along the Christs Hospital bridleway

Paul Brown, case officer from the Open Spaces Society who will be speaking at the inquiry says:

“The path is a delightful opportunity to enjoy wide open vistas. The diverted way would be narrow artificial way a mile in length between hedges”.

Christ’s Hospital School want the order, already made by WSCC, to be confirmed by a Planning Inspector in the interest of safeguarding pupils and staff. There have been numerous objections from concerned locals and from Horsham and Southwater Parish councils.

Cycle forum chair Ruth Fletcher who is attending on behalf of the forum says:

“Cycling provides huge benefits to health, and safe routes for local trips are the most effective way of getting people cycling. This bridleway forms part of a short, traffic-free link between the north of Southwater village and Christs Hospital Station.

It only needs improved surfacing at either end to make cycling to the station an attractive alternative to driving. A new fence or hedge can easily provide the security the school requires so this ancient right of way can continue to serve the community.”

The inquiry is being held at The Hertford Centre, Christ’s Hospital School on Tuesday 24th July at 10:00 a.m. The inquiry is open for the public to attend.


  1. David Unsworth says

    Hi what happened at the July Inquiry meet please?

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