Cycle parking in Horsham – 10 locations where more is needed

Getting more people onto their bikes for everyday journeys means providing them with safe and direct routes to cycle on – but having somewhere safe and convenient to park your bike when you reach your destination is also important.

You can carry a surprising amount on a bike but you need to be able to park close to the shops to load up your shopping.

Providing convenient and secure cycle parking encourages people to use local businesses in the town centre rather than driving to out-of-town shops.

In most cases the Sheffield stand is the most appropriate type of rack to install.

Here are ten locations we’ve identified where more cycle parking is needed. Are there any sites in and around Horsham where you feel there needs to be more parking for bikes? Let us know in the comments below.

Carfax near the war memorial

This is a popular central destination which can be accessed from many directions, including via the alleyway linking to the Albion Way roundabout.

Swan Walk Shopping Centre – Medwin Walk entrance

New racks are needed by the Medwin Walk entrance.

Swan Walk Shopping Centre – West Street entrance

You can wheel your bike along West Street to reach a wide range of shops.

South Street/Middle Street junction

There is plenty of space for cycle parking at this important destination.

Outside the Everyman cinema

Some racks directly outside the cinema would be more convenient, and safer, than the existing parking on Piries Place.

Lynd Cross

This is a central location but the nearest parking is currently on Springfield Road which is a little distance away and in a quiet location which some people may feel unsafe using.

Outside the Capitol

Providing cycle parking here will help enable more active travel to the Capitol.

Behind the Capitol

One of the on-site parking spots could be used for some cycle racks. There is plenty of car parking provided in the two large car parks within a few hundred yards of the Capitol.

Outside the Drill Hall

There is plenty of space in the car park behind the hall for some stands.

Outside big stores

The cycle parking outside big stores is often poor, for example at Sainsbury’s where some racks are needed outside the main entrance.


  1. All the spots look good to me as long as they are not hidden away due to the possibility of theft

  2. Michael Gimber says

    Lynd Cross is good for people coming from my side of Horsham. Cycle routes lead into the back of Sainsbury’s so maybe there would be good.

  3. There is a large double-decker cycle rack located between the Library and Sainsbury’s which is hardly ever used due to its poor location – it is almost hidden away and not near enough either facility. Often it only has one cycle attached, and then to the end of the structure. It would be better moved to the front of Horsham Station which has always lacked adequate cycle storage. In the other locations, 3-4 Sheffield stands would be a good low-cost choice and popular with cyclists as different types and sizes of bikes can be accommodated.

  4. Personally, even though my bike is not especially valuable, I would not be parking it anywhere that is out of sight of a main thoroughfare. For example, behind the Capitol and Drill Hall locations would seem to me to encourage thieves. Anywhere that is busy with people would be better imo.

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