Covid-19 cycling survey

We’re running a survey about cycling under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Cycling – The Ultimate Social Distancing Machine

How are the Covid-19 restrictions affecting you? Are you cycling more? Do you feel safe on the roads?

Please let us know by filling in our online survey. This will help us understand what changes HDC and WSCC need to make – both now and in the future – to enable people to continue cycling.

Kind thanks to our friends at Shoreham-by-Cycle for letting us use their survey.


  1. Robin Williams says

    I personally have been cycling less as I only ride off-road, however, I have witnessed many more people using the A281 to cycle on since the lock-down began. I would suggest this is only because of the dramatic decrease in traffic as I personally would never contemplate riding the road under normal conditions. It is too narrow and traffic too heavy to not be a either a rolling road block or cause an accident.

    I believe that far more people who work within Horsham or travel to the train station should be cycling rather than using their car, however, the current cycle paths are not suitable in terms of routes and continuity. This generally leads most cyclists to use the roads where to be frank the majority are inconsiderate and a menace to themselves and the vehicle drivers who have to repeatedly pass them. If I were fortunate enough to have a job within Horsham or at least cycling distance I would love a safe off-road route to use. Unfortunately the vast majority of people living here have to commute and as it stands, our roads are too narrow and over crowded to give up space to under-used cycle lanes. The development at Broadbridge Heath is a fine example of what a complete waste of money these are and has only inconvenienced the drivers who have to use that section of road. The money would be better spent on repairing roads, encouraging people onto public transport or converting some pavement/verges into dedicated lanes which don’t interfere with traffic flow.

    I apologise if this sounds rather negative, however, considering the money the country is currently haemorrhaging I think councils should be very careful about pumping money into schemes unless there is a real benefit to be had.

    Best regards.

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