Chichester’s Northgate Gyratory – an abject failure

Oil rigs are some of the most dangerous working environments in the UK. Before being winched aboard, either from a helicopter or from a small boat bobbing up and down among 20ft waves, you will need to:

• Attend a training course
• Wear a hi-visibility jacket
• Wear a crash helmet
• Wear an inflatable life jacket

Have a safe commute dear

Have a safe commute dear

WSCC have proudly announced the completion of the Northgate Gyratory cycle route on the outskirts of Chichester. They invited Council Leader Louise Goldsmith along to try out the route for herself.

Before using the cycle path, Louise:

• Attended a training course
• Wore a hi-visibility jacket
• Wore a crash helmet
• Wore an inflatable life jacket (only kidding…)

Here she is:

At least you don't need a life jacket

At least you don’t need a life jacket

Chichester’s Northgate Gyratory – an abject failure to design a safe cycle route.


  1. Mike Croker says

    “at least you don’t need a lifejacket” maybe, but a minder ‘on your six’ clearly helps 😉

  2. Anthony Cartmell says

    West Sussex County Council spent £210,000 of Local Sustainable Transport Fund money on this. Apart from some dubious flashing signs (experiemental? never seen this anywhere else!) and a new coat of green paint on the cycle lane, absolutely nothing has been changed. Cycling here is no easier, cycling here is no safer. It’s a terrible waste of public money.

    More details about why this scheme is such a disaster:

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