A 280 character Transport manifesto

It’s often hard to summarise just what we’re trying to achieve but highway engineer and blogger Mark Philpotts has managed to do just that in a tweet that’s been described as a 280 character Transport manifesto. Build cycle tracks and pedestrian crossings on main roads. Filter through traffic from residential streets. Default urban speed limit of […]

Health Rides for new cyclists in Horsham District

The health benefits of daily exercise are well recognised, and cycling (whether to work, the shops or for leisure) is an effective way of getting your daily dose of the “miracle pill”. If you are new to cycling – or need a little encouragement to venture back on the wheel – HDC is offering free […]

Comic videos with a serious message

Comedian Jay Foreman takes a humorous look at cycling in London, whilst making serious points about the need for cycle infrastructure to keep people safe, and how things have ground to a halt under the current administration.

Minutes of the HDCF meeting 3rd April 2018

Attendees: Philip Ayerst, Richard Bates, Geoff Bragg, Thea Bredie, Ruth Fletcher (Chair), Cllr Morwen Millson (Horsham Riverside), Stella Sharp, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Graham Sitton (FNC), Mark Treasure Apologies: Greg Collins, Derek Hardman, Martin Read, Francis Vernon Agenda Approval of previous minutes Approved unamended. Matters arising Cycling in Horsham – a newcomer’s perspective Ben Peterson’s thoughts on cycling in Horsham can […]

Kilnwood Vale bridleway improvements on their way

Good news for the residents of Kilnwood Vale as the bridleway along the site’s eastern edge is to be improved with an all-weather surface – enabling all year round cycle access to Horsham and Crawley. Currently a section of the path is so impassable that barriers were installed to deter people from using it. There […]

Christ’s Hospital bridleway – public inquiry announced

West Sussex County Council are proposing to divert a bridleway (BW 1642) that provides access for Southwater residents to Christs Hospital station. With the help of many people who objected we’ve succeeded in getting this to a public inquiry. The inquiry is being held at 10:00am on 24 July at The Hertford Centre, Christ’s Hospital […]

Three Bridges Station Improvement Scheme – our response

Crawley Borough Council is consulting on improvements to the Three Bridges Station area. We sent the following response. Our interest in this consultation is that Three Bridges Station is close to Horsham District and used by many Horsham people. We welcome the plans overall as a positive move forward to make it safer for people […]

Three went to Kings Hills – what’s in store for North of Horsham?

Liberty, the developer for North of Horsham, invited us to the Kings Hill development near Maidstone in Kent. Forum chair Ruth Fletcher offers her thoughts. Three Horsham Cycle Forum members went to Kings Hill to see how Liberty’s development there was working for cycling, and what lessons there might be for us in Horsham when they […]

Cycling in Horsham – a newcomer’s perspective

Ben Peterson recently moved to Horsham. Here he muses on the lack of adequate cycle infrastructure in the town and why that leads to frustration for everyone. Six months ago, I wisely joined the great migration and moved from Croydon down to the green fields of Horsham. I’m not entirely a stranger here – I’d […]

Minutes of HDCF meeting 6th February 2018

Attendees: Geoff Bragg, Lis Clegg and Sue Robinson (St Leonards Park horse riders), Ruth Fletcher (Chair), Derek Hardman, Graham Sitton (FNC), Ben Peterson, Francis Vernon. Apologies: Philip Ayerst, Richard Bates, Geoff Farrell, Thea Bredie, Martin Read, Peter Silburn (Secretary), Mark Treasure Agenda Matters arising Kings Road A number of HDCF’s suggestions have been taken on board and resurfacing […]